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Samsung LN46A850 HGTV

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The manufacturers are currently looking to have great depths in their upcoming premium panels and the all new Samsung LN46A850 which in 1.9 inches is the thinnest HDTV of the company. Additionally the colours of LN46A850 are brilliantly accurate, its reproduction of high and standard definition sources is admirably detailed and its video black inky dark. This new HDTV from Samsung comes packed with some useful extras which means it offers great support in network streaming of your multimedia content, but the best thing is that it is attractive and comes as a affordably prices thin cabinet television.

The Samsung LN46A850 boasts of a glossy black frame, which surrounds its screen that is designed with a subtle reddish amber with outer edges. When you compare this unit with other Samsung HDTV series like A750 the screen frame is actually narrowed by one third and it measures around 2 inches wide and 3 inches wide from the bottom. The swivel action table stand of LN46A850 is perfectly constructed from a rectangular shaped sheet comprising of tempered glass that complements the TV frame. The Samsung LN46A850 comes with two elegantly designed remote controls. One is the main remote control which has an identical design to the fully backlit and updated like that of A950 series and the other is a mini remote nearly palm size which includes volume, channel and power controls in a simple arrangement making it easier for children and guest to use.

The A/V ports on this LN46A850 include 4 HDMI ports along with VGA, two component video inputs and RF input for antenna use. Additionally it also has a digital audio output which operates with almost any connected source. However the multimedia audio output is only available when you use the integrated DTV tuner of the TV and all the other sources are only limited to just stereo output. There is also a USB port on the left side which can easily read JPEG and MP3 files. The Ethernet port at the back of the TV allows local access to your compliant server devices that contain pictures, audio and video files. A windows based computer can also utilize the provided Samsung PC share manager software to access multimedia content from a network connection.

There is a Just Scan picture setting in the LN46A850 which is mapped around every 1080i/p video pixel which is perfect for the 1080p resolution. Apart form this the pre adjusted movie picture preset of the LN46A850 actually produced a colour response which was almost a perfect match compared to the standards used in HD video production. As the Samsung LN46A850 uses an outstanding calibrated picture settings it offers an impressive picture contrast of nearly 3,487:1 which is one of the best results you might have come across. Although the power consumption has steadily declined the estimated operating cost of LN46A850 which is around $3.7 a month with its default picture setup is fairly good when compared to the similar $5.18 a month of Sony KDL-46Z4100.

DEll Studio XPS16 review

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The all new Studio XPS line of systems from Dell comes with a great level of prestige acting as an advanced segment for those who seek style and luxury. The new Dell Studio XPS 16 centers just that and succeeds the XPS M1530 as the new media center of Dell. As most of the manufacturers are designing the same processors and marketing their 4 GB memory with Home theatre feature and large screens, Dell has also decided to raise their bar through the new Dell studio XPS line of systems. Design has been their greatest differentiator as they use not just one but several hottest techniques in manufacturing their systems. Professionals and photographer can reap the RGB LED widescreen benefits along with the 1080p resolution without having to pay much for the system. This means that the XPS 16 has become the new Editors’ Choice in the media center category.

The lid of Dell Studio XPS 16 is obviously its main attraction which takes its signs from trendsetters like from the aluminum Apple MacBook Pro, the Leather Clad system from ASUS, the polished exteriors of HP HDX16t and it also mixes a bit from all these laptops in an elegant manner to give an exotic look. Its one part is aluminum accent, one part black leather trimming and two parts with lacquered top. With the In-Mold Decoration process, the lacquered part would surely impress any customer.

The Dell Studio XPS 16 is just about 6.9 pounds which means it not a perfect companion for travelers but is much portable compared to Gateway MC7803u. It is heavier because it uses a huge 85-Wh battery, opposed to the 56-Wh in HP system and it has its own six cell option that can bring down the weight to around 6.5 pounds. The Dell Studio XPS 16 comes with a large 16 inch widescreen and adding to the weight is the edge to edge glass screen. Additionally Dell is also promoting a slight turn to the screen of XPS 16 by calling it RGB LED screen. According to Dell this screen offers 100 percent of colour gamut when used in Adobe RGB space. This also means that movies and pictures look more vibrant on this screen.

The keyboard of Dell Studio XPS 16 is a removal from the pervious XPS M1530 model and the keys attach each other on the surface raising them to the same level. Additionally this new keyboard layout also allowed Dell to accommodate LEDs. The mouse buttons are also pleasing to use which also benefit from the LED features. The feature set of Dell Studio XPS 16 is possibly the best you might have come across in media center laptop. Although the HDX16t offers you an HDMI port and TV tuner the Studio XPS 16 offers you both the DisplayPort and HDMI technology. It includes a Blu-ray drive which doubles a CD and as DVD burner. There are also standards ports included which comprise of 3 USB ports, VGA out and FireWire Port and a USB port even doubles as eSATA port to offer additional storage.

LG 47LG90 review

Friday, March 20th, 2009

After LEDs were being used in TVs it actually benefited the environment by reducing the use of toxic chemicals like mercury and also improving efficiency. Therefore the all new 47 inch LG 47LG90 is the first LCD TV from LG to feature a backlight system that consists of a range of LEDs and the outstanding picture result from this has proved to the best so for from the company. The LED based LCD TV are typically more costlier compared to the fluorescent drives ones but this TV set is also the best budget deal you can find around.

Being alighted on a half moon shape swivel table stand the new 47LG90 is designed with a glossy black frame to match with its rubberized blue material thin strip that accents on its outer edge. The touch sensitive on-display controls of the TV are entrenched in the blue material and it is probably less fingerprint magnet compared to those on the glossy face of Samsung LED TV. You will find the power indicator light locator fixed at the bottom right hand corner of the face of TV which is pleasantly passive and the strip of blue tinted acrylic cut along the bottom edge of the set offers it’s a stylish look.

The LG 47LG90 is well equipped with the typical rear and side input panel layout and it offers a total of 4 HDMI inputs which include RF input, VGA and two component video inputs. Being very usual among HDTVs the audio outputs of 47LG90 include both coaxicalcoaxial and optical digital connections. The rarer still was actually the ability of the TV to pass 5.1 Dolby digital audio from all the connected sources to the compatible A/V receiver. Apart from this the 47LG90 TV is also designed with a serial control port which you can use with home theatre automation products and there is also the side mounted USB port whci hiswhich is compatible with several flash storage devices that include JPEG and MPp3 multimedia files.

The LG 47LG90 is mainly configured for home viewing environment and the picture setup of the set can default to the super bright Vivid preset that adds white outlines to objects and artifacts related to elevated sharpness levels. The standard presets of the TV prove much better for daytime watching which reduced ringing artifacts while also maintains sufficient brightness. Similar to other HDTVs the CinimaCinema preset of LG 47LG90 however came close to matching the detail and colour standards that are used in HD video productions even though its measured colour outputs were slightly oversaturated when compared with a nearly perfect result given by LED lit Samsung TV.

The HD video examinations which include the viewing of satellite video material and Blu-ray were remarkably detailed but with a few disturbing artifacts. The motion performance of LG 47LG90 was among the very best you might have come across in 120 Hz LCD techynologytechnology as the TV almost matched the performance of Samsung A950 with detail scanning enhancing backlight features enabled although the LG 47LG90 TV lacked a few its features.