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eMachines ET1161-03 budget PC

Friday, April 10th, 2009

The eMachines ET1161-03 is an excellent inexpensive system that comes from the stalwart budget computer makers. The components of the system are very common which include a dual core AMD Athlon processor, a decent size hard drive, a few GB or RAM, weak integrated graphics, some space for upgrades and an affordable price. This system would surely get the job done if you want a basic PC without any frills, but at this low price it is hard to overlook the ever more outdated parts thrown in by eMachines.

This ET1161-03 is designed in the familiar silver and black mini tower case of eMachines offering you little room compared to any web surfing based mini netbook or desktop. It includes the traditional DVD burner along with a digital media card reader and a simple ball mouse and keyboard. It also offers some space for your upgrades and also includes an internal hard drive with an optical drive, a PCIe x16 graphics card and two PCIe x1 cards. The system would function well in 250 watt power supply, and so make sure to wisely choose your upgrades while a high powered graphics card might even overload the system. However there are no open DIMM slots and so in order to upgrade the memory you will have to erase some out.

This ET1161-03 has a traditional crapware suspect as it includes Microsoft Office 60 day trial, eMachines games powered by WildTanget, ads for EarthLink and a short 60 day trial copy of Norton 360 antivirus. Additionally the ET1161-03 is designed with a dual-core Athlon X2 4400+ processor which is basically a budget AMD processor. It is hard to expect great performance from this budget PC. As the device has a previous GeForce 6150 integrated graphics it might not run the regular DX10 games. You will have to install the DX10 capable graphics card in the PCIe x16 slot of the system to play games but the system might hardly manage it well.

This system was capable to gather a sub 400 score wit the 3DMark06 test. It completed the Windows Media Encoder test easily in a minute and 32 seconds but it took more than a minute to finish the Photoshop CS3 test. Therefore if you are looking for a speedy PC that can replace your old slower one then it is probably not the right option. When the system was compared to Lenovo Idea Centre K210 budget system the ET1161-03 is a bit more affordable while the other offers your money’s worth. The K210 is much lighter on crapware while also features an antibacterial keyboard and boasts of having recent technology. If web browsing is your primary requirements then the ASUS Eee Box is a great option. Overall, the eMachine ET1161-03 is a competent budget computer and having a price tag of around $400 it would surely get attention of the people. However for this lower price you would get a yesterday’s technology system. This does not mean it is a bad PC, but there are still great bargain systems if you need a faster and more attractive desktop system.

Sony DVDirect – converts your old VHS tapes

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The analog technology has moved entirely to digital and you might be a bit worried with your huge VHS collection. Additionally purchasing sand running the capture card and also finding out how to use them on your computer to convert your tapes to digital files can also be complicated. However Sony offers you a great alternative by offering their DVDirect VRD-MC5 which offers an excellent method to convert all your VHS collection to DVD format with jut a click. Additionally you can even do this without using your PS and you can even watch what is being recorded on the 2.5 inch LCD screen of the device.

However when you see the DVDirect for the first time you might not know what it does as it does not look like the traditional external optical drive. It incorporates a flat design like a DVD player. Sony has actually made the screen bigger by an inch to make it similar in size to their VRD-MC1, but the screen quality of the VRD-MC5 is comparatively much better. The buttons are placed very conveniently with a big red button to record videos or photos. There are arrow keys to help in navigating the menu and you also have to stop button for self-explanatory.

The VRD-MC5 makes an excellent tool to capture videos from your camcorder but its main function is to convert your old VHS tapes into digital or DVD format. You will just require an AV cable in either yellow, white or red to connect the device to a VCR. After hitting the play button on the VCR the DVDirect VRD-MC5 would automatically stream the included videos on its screen. You can stop or record the streaming at any point. Additionally you can also set an automatic timer through its menu. This process is the same like that in a camcorder but you might have to purchase an additional cable to transfer the data. The DVDirect also supports excellent high definition camcorders like Sony HDV 1080i and HDR-HC3 hyndycam. However the device does not support other formats of HD camcorders.

Its selection menu includes several other functions compared to the previous one which means that is plenty to do to enhance your DVD experience. You will first have to choose the right mode from the 5 different quality recording modes which range from the recording time that starts from one hour to nearly six hours in SLP. To maximize the DVD space without compromising the video quality you can just use the SP mode. Sony has added 4 new basic titles menus in different styles and colours that you choose from but you cannot add any special effect, transitions or something fancy. However the company has removed the capability of DVDrict to connect to a USB printer or PC as like it previously did, and you also cannot use any external USB DVD burner for the computer. You only have the USB port through which you can only connect a USB camcorder. However there are 3 multimedia card slots which can support memory stick , CompactFlash, xD, SD, MS and Duo formats.

DEll Studio XPS16 review

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The all new Studio XPS line of systems from Dell comes with a great level of prestige acting as an advanced segment for those who seek style and luxury. The new Dell Studio XPS 16 centers just that and succeeds the XPS M1530 as the new media center of Dell. As most of the manufacturers are designing the same processors and marketing their 4 GB memory with Home theatre feature and large screens, Dell has also decided to raise their bar through the new Dell studio XPS line of systems. Design has been their greatest differentiator as they use not just one but several hottest techniques in manufacturing their systems. Professionals and photographer can reap the RGB LED widescreen benefits along with the 1080p resolution without having to pay much for the system. This means that the XPS 16 has become the new Editors’ Choice in the media center category.

The lid of Dell Studio XPS 16 is obviously its main attraction which takes its signs from trendsetters like from the aluminum Apple MacBook Pro, the Leather Clad system from ASUS, the polished exteriors of HP HDX16t and it also mixes a bit from all these laptops in an elegant manner to give an exotic look. Its one part is aluminum accent, one part black leather trimming and two parts with lacquered top. With the In-Mold Decoration process, the lacquered part would surely impress any customer.

The Dell Studio XPS 16 is just about 6.9 pounds which means it not a perfect companion for travelers but is much portable compared to Gateway MC7803u. It is heavier because it uses a huge 85-Wh battery, opposed to the 56-Wh in HP system and it has its own six cell option that can bring down the weight to around 6.5 pounds. The Dell Studio XPS 16 comes with a large 16 inch widescreen and adding to the weight is the edge to edge glass screen. Additionally Dell is also promoting a slight turn to the screen of XPS 16 by calling it RGB LED screen. According to Dell this screen offers 100 percent of colour gamut when used in Adobe RGB space. This also means that movies and pictures look more vibrant on this screen.

The keyboard of Dell Studio XPS 16 is a removal from the pervious XPS M1530 model and the keys attach each other on the surface raising them to the same level. Additionally this new keyboard layout also allowed Dell to accommodate LEDs. The mouse buttons are also pleasing to use which also benefit from the LED features. The feature set of Dell Studio XPS 16 is possibly the best you might have come across in media center laptop. Although the HDX16t offers you an HDMI port and TV tuner the Studio XPS 16 offers you both the DisplayPort and HDMI technology. It includes a Blu-ray drive which doubles a CD and as DVD burner. There are also standards ports included which comprise of 3 USB ports, VGA out and FireWire Port and a USB port even doubles as eSATA port to offer additional storage.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700 for Professional Photographers

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The all new Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is truly monstrous which looks like not striking a chord with latest fashion photographers but actually some unheard of in built features are thing that make it stand apart. For instance the pantone colour sensor eliminates the need to carry additional colour calibration device while the Wacom digitizer which is traditionally a part of the screen is perfectly placed on the pal rest area. Additionally an option for 10 inch secondary display also slides out from behind the primary one. These features along with the in built Intel Qquad Ccore technology have together earned great ratings for a performance based laptop.

Even though the 9 pound weight of Lenovo ThinkPad W700 and the yawn inducing black attire might not have the flashiness of an elegant machine there is a reason why it requires some more style as it is mainly intended as a professional workstation system. The dimensions of ThinkPad W700 are a bit larger than its previous models but they let W700 to accommodate the large screen and the entire cool in built technology. There had been workstations designed which place more importance on style but are shade lighter like the Sony VAIO VGN-AW190 and Dell Precision, but the W700 includes some great features as well.

Most of the professional photographers generally prefer larger displays and the 17 inch widescreen of Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is big enough to keep them relied on the system. However the W700 uses the standard 16:10 format that offers content creators enough space at the bottom and top of the screen and also creates the letterbox effect when watching movies. The 1,920 by 1,200 resolution of the system is the highest a 17 inch widescreen can go and it is also the best professional device you might want. Additionally the colour reliability and its contrast ration are both enhanced on the screen which is different from other laptops. The company claims that the screen has the ability to show 72 percent of Adobe RGB colour gamut while other laptops show only 45 percent. The best thing is that its screen avoids glare which is also the most expected feature.

People who are familiar with pantone colour calibrator might know the hassle of using the awkward peripheral as external attachment. Therefore the company has done a resourceful job by integrating its 3 sensor in the new W700 laptop. It is positioned on the palm rest where the sensor is barely noticeable but the results of building it are endless. Some of its other features include 5 USB port, a fingerprint reader ad a webcam. Its magnificent keyboard and dual pointing devices the touchpad and pointing stick are exactly similar as those on Lenovo ThinkPad T400. As W700 is a large system its keyboard also includes a numeric keypad. There is also the dual layer DVD burner which can also be upgraded to a Blu-ray burner and added performance. Overall the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is a mobile workstation that is specifically made for professional photographers which comes with tons of great features to suit professional needs.