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Hewlett-Packard HP 91

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a performance similar to the Pentium 4 workstation and also offers future support for an operating system of 64 bit along with additional applications. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is fully integrated PCI express as well as DDR2. If you don’t wish to pay any extra amount for new technology, then Hewlett-Packard HP 91 will be a good purchase. It is a better choice over the Pentium 4 class workstation. The new Hewlett-Packard HP 91 has been built around a fast clocked processor Pentium 4. It has a system which will support the extensions of Intel 64- bit which is called the FM64T. In order to operate Hewlett-Packard HP 91 you should have an operating system of 64 bit and some applications. For the Windows, EM64T offers an additional advantage. You can also get Linux packages like SUSE, Red Hat, and Mandrake etc which will support your applications.

925X express chipset will offer numerous key benefits like the PCI express as well as integrated RAID which could be configured to Level 1 (mirroring) and Level 0 (striping) and a combination of the two. The test unit will cost you around $200 and you will get a configuration of xw4100 along with SCSI RAID and 3.4 GHz processor. You don’t have to pay any extra cash for this new technology. The total storage on this type of configuration will be a little low. You can consider adding a 3rd hard drive into the system for added storage capacity. In the test of Multimedia Content Creation Winstone, xw4200 outperformed the 3.4 GHz xw4100 by a margin of 16 percent. It also had a small premium of about 12.5 percent in the processing speed. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 also offers 3D graphics as well as CPU rendering performance. If striped, then the RAID disks and the PCI express graphics will excel. You can test this by creating a video project or by adding pictures into the picture streams until its preview falls behind into real time. It comes in eight streams compared to the six of xw4100. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers great performance boost for graphics as well as disk intensive graphics.

You don’t require any special tools for opening it. You can convert the display from landscape mode to portrait mode easily. It is very useful when you are working with long documents or even models. The Hewlett-Packard HP 91 handles many different types of applications making it a great equipment. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is a great buy and it offers a little better performance compared to the workstation of Pentium 4. It also comes at a similar price range of Pentium 4. It uses all kinds of PCI express peripherals once they are available. It will be very compelling for any Pentium 4 buyer to go for a Hewlett-Packard HP 91 but it is assured that you will get an equal or better service. Overall the Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a great package and you won’t be disappointed with the service it offers. It has a similar package to that of Pentium 4.

Mind shifting from CPU to GPU – Intel vs. NVIDIA

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

After Intel dragged its case against NVIDIA to the court, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang of NVIDIA could not resist in making the repeated statement that GPUs have arrived leaving CPUs outdates in the finely indirect reference to the credo of graphics chip maker that PC processor mind share would soon shift from to NVIDIA from Intel. The statement which Huang inserted in the recent NVIDIA release about Intel’s court filing read as at the core of the issue is that CPU has already run its course and the essence of PC is quickly shifting to GPUs. It also said that it is clearly an effort to smother innovation to safeguard a vanishing business.

It is not the first time NVIDIA’s CEO Huang said this as he had mentioned openly last year that the company can “open up a can of whoop-ass” over Intel when he was responding to questions regarding the forthcoming Larrabee graphics technology of Intel. Huang has also said many times in forums that CPUs of Intel are good enough and are not so finely indirect code, where the CPU technology of Intel is past its principals.

However some questions should be posed as is Huang right? Would consumers place more importance on GPUs than CPUs? And finally more important is, would chipmakers and PC makers put significantly more marketing and development resources in the GPUs? So, a quick solution to the first question is consumers often expect computers to perform better when handling web-based games, graphics and videos and so unconsciously or consciously consumers might put more emphasis on GPUs. There is also a small answer to the later question, as for instance, if you look at the Puma laptop platform of AMD, there is an increased emphasis on graphics as the platform is performance driven. Therefore surely as a chipmaker the graphics technology from their ATI units is making a broader mark these days compare to CPUs.

This however does not mean that impetus is necessarily in the favor of NVIDIA. A great change happening in the PC market is not just the drive from CPU to GPU but also a shift from conventional laptops to inexpensive laptops or netbooks and currently most of the market is all of Intel. An analyst at Investment Bank Collins Stewart Ashok Kumar said that the dramatic change which is happening in the PC industry is altogether migration to inexpensive solutions which are netbooks. He said that Intel integrated graphics only in a sense that it might pose more of a challenge for NVIDIA in the future.

In fact the netbook market shows probably more compared to anything what a consumer mindset is. It is not necessary for the graphics to be great or good but they should be adequate. Although the CEO of NVIDIA is right when he said GPU technology is far beyond integrated graphics, he is also not necessarily right when he says that there is massive mind share shift to the NVIDIA standard GPU centric universe.