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Motorola Bluetooth headset H780

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Motorola had been the first company to compete in the intense Bluetooth headset industry. The company had a line of folding models during 2003 while there were also a few bulky predecessors before these models. However, the latest model called the H780 is designed with CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology of Motorola along with audio enhancement technology. It also features a 9mm drivers which is designed to perfectly fit above 90 percent of buyers and also includes dual mics to help in noise suppression. The Motorola H780 package also includes an AC charger adapter along with 3 different sizes cushions and a foldout instructional manual. The device measures around 1.9 x 0.7 by 0.5 inches and weights just about 0.4 ounces. It is perfectly designed to fit large handsets like the Plantronics Voyager 520 and even small models such as Samsung WEP700.

The double tone gray plastic body of the H780 is designed with a few more buttons which you might not find in a typical headset. There is a dedicated power switch son the top along with 2 other volume buttons. The unit’s front section features chrome call button with a small noise cancellation button and there is also a small visible rectangular microphone between these buttons. You will find the main light indicator and the second mic fixed on the other side. There is nothing at the unit’s back which is a hard rubber earbud.

The H780 is designed with a flexible ear hook which makes it easy to wear the small device. Motorola has also incorporated their EasyPair technology to simplify pairing the device with other mobile phones. The device also includes a multipoint mode which lets the device easily pairs with 2 mobile phones simultaneously. These two new features actually mirror what the recent competing headsets actually offer. When you first on this headset it would immediately turn into Easypair mode and the light would also stay dark blue rather than displaying the standard red and blue alternative pattern.

However, when tested with a range of voice calls the Motorola H780 proved to offer overall clear, sufficient volume and great quality. However, the user’s voice sounded a bit tiny and harsh on the other end but it was acceptably clear. The other person however did not find any problem in hearing but could surely tell a headset was used. On the positive side the Motorola H780 is clearly unaltered by any outdoor wind noise. When you enable the noise canceling circuit you can actually drive smoothly without any background noise.

The downside of the headset is its range. This means that you can just move around 5 feet away from your phone. It is a downside because there are other Bluetooth devices that let you move at least 10 feet way from the phone. You can easily check the batter status by just holding the volume buttons pressed down which will flash the red, yellow or green lights to indicate the charge level remaining. Overall, this headset makes a good and affordable choice but you can as well consider other devices.

HP Mini 1000 Mi review

Friday, March 20th, 2009

With the aim to offer seamless and user friendly Linux experience, HP launched their new Mi edition with the HP Mini 1000 as the first model. The latest HP Mini 1000 Mi is the same stunning notebook that you came across last year offering you an environment which is familiar and comfortable for longtime windows users.  It is much similar to their previous HP Mini 1000 and it boasts the same spectacular glossy black chassis with gray spins imprinted on the lid through in mold decorations. The HP Mini 1000 Mi measures around 0.9 by 6.6 by 10.3 inches whereas other 10 inch laptops have also achieved a chose dimension but only a few are thick less than an inch. It weights just about 2.5 pounds which makes it easily portable.

The glass screen of Mini Mi is flush and is designed with black borders which have become much common among classy notebooks. Its screen resolution is 1,024 by 576 which is a bit shorter for a standard 10 inch notebook. The speakers of the system are elegantly built in its hinge which his yet another excellent design solution that was introduced in its early version. The 92 percent keyboard of the laptop would surely need you to get familiar but it is still a welcome improvement over their previous 89 percent keyboard on notebooks like Acer Aspire One and Lenovo IdeaPad S10. However, this model from HP still has the annoying mouse buttons adjoining the touchpad which makes it a bit difficult to navigate with one finger. The touchpad on the other hand lets you select by tapping twice which is another latent workaround. You will find a touchpad above the touchpad through which you can disable both the mouse and pad buttons and it actually comes handy sometimes, especially when you are used to hitting mouse buttons accidentally.

The HP Mini 1000 Mi is designed with 2 USB ports, a microphone and headphone jack, VGA out and a 4 in 1 card reader i.e. MS Pro, MS, MMC and SD. The system comes packed with 1 GB of system memory and is sufficient enough to run the Linux operating system. Regarding your connectivity the system includes a wireless-g card along with Bluetooth features. The front of the chassis which includes a button that lets you toggle it off and one. The laptop can offer you a generous two hour and fifteen minutes from its 26-wh lithium ion, three cell battery.

The HP Mini 1000 Mi is also loaded with the same 4,200 rpm, 60 GB drive like that in the previous Mini 1000 system. It is also worth exploring this unique Linux built system for the Mi edition as HP mainly focuses on eliminating the intimidating factor of the Linux operating system. Overall the HP Mini 1000 Mi is a bit costly but you can benefit from a size cell batter along with the latest Atom processor. Although there are other manufacturers offering similar deals the Mini Mi is still one of the best and lightest netbooks that you might have come across.