Epson Stylus CX4800 inkjet printer

March 27th, 2009

Epson Stylus CX4800 makes a perfect alternative as an ink jet all in one printer for college or home dorm room. The device can print, copy and scan from the computer or even from your memory card or PictBridge cameras. Although there is not scan to fax option available the system comes with Twain driver which means you can install its drivers to fax and scan from the fax program. The output quality for graphics and text is acceptable but they were a bit disappointing regarding photos. However even being retailed at $130 you will still find the price of CX4800 to be expensive when you face its slow performance.

The CX4800 measures 7.1 x 13.9 x 16.9 inches and weights about 18.7 pounds which is small enough to easily fit on your desk. The setup for the system is standard for this ink jet cartridge which connects through a USB cable and uses a different ink cartridge for each ink colour. You just have to plug in the its power cord and load the paper, load paper and ink cartridges, power the automatic installation program and finally plug in its USB cable when the machine prompts. The performance of CX4800 regarding graphics and text was fairly good but the photo quality was a bit unacceptable. With most of the tests conducted with different text fonts, they resulted easily readable. However with the ink jets some of the highly stylized fonts were readable at only 12 or 10 points. Graphics on the other hand was fairly good enough for printing at home, school work or small business needs. The graphics were also marginally good enough to forward them to important clients but if you avoid the thin lines which usually tend to appear.

However the photo quality offered by CX4800 seemed very disappointing. Some of the photos during the test had a great quality while others did not make up for it. The tests in photo quality showed dithering in most photos that revealed an obvious graininess. Epson seems to point that the CX4800′s DuraBrite ink system prints reasonably good quality photos on a plain paper. Although this is true enough, it is also the same with other such ink jet printers. Additionally the result on photo paper can be excellent for snapshots but would generally not be enough to frame them as memories in an album.

Therefore according to the reviews and tests conducted over the CX4800 ink jet printer it remains as a slow performer. This was proved by its 33 minutes and 29 seconds total for the business applications suite which is the slowest that time taken by an ink jet all in one printer during the last year. Additionally the photo speed was also comparatively slow as the test showed that CX4800 averaged around 3:11 for every 4 x 6 picture. However this does not mean that the printer is not acceptable, but rather it can actually make a great AIO printer for home use which is available for an affordable price.

Canon PIXMA MX7600 printer

March 27th, 2009

Canon has come up with their best all in one printer for the offices called the Canon PIXMA MX7600 printer. However there are questions rose that does calling it an office printer make it the same, but Canon’s marketing potential have answered it yes. Therefore if you want to find out what exactly highlights this printer then they are its photos and graphics performance. The PIXMA MX7600 is basically an AIO printer which might not fit for the dual task of home and office printer.

This MX7600 functions as a standalone copier and fax machine and has the ability to fax, scan and print. The device can also scan to email according to the email program of your computer. Some of its office specific features apart from faxing are the in built duplexer to print on both sides of a page with duplexing ADF or automatic document feeder of nearly 35 pages, it can scan two sided pages and it can also easily connect to the network. Additionally some of its photocentric features are that it can print from PictBridge camera or from a memory card and it includes an excellent 1.8 inch colour LCD to preview images before printing.

Similar to other AIOs and Canon printers this MX7600 also offers a pair of paper trays. However unlike most this printer does not let you fill both the trays with the same quantity of papers. When you set the driver for plain paper the device would persist on using only a 150 sheet front tray. Again, if you set if for photo paper and the device would want to use the back tray, which is suitable for 10 letter sized photo sheets. However the office users would find its capacity of 150 sheets insufficient. However for the office and home users this 150 sheets capacity would last long enough. Additionally there are two trays which let you keep both loaded with photo and plain paper which means you don’t have to swap the papers when you switch between printing photos and documents.

Additionally this PIXMA MX7600 inkjet printer is relatively big compared to other AIOs with similar price range as it measures 10.1 x 19.7 by 21 inches which means you cannot share your desk with it. It is also a bit heavy but 36.6 pounds is still light enough for a person to move it around the office. However unlike other network setup programs the programs of Canon require you to place this printer near the system during installation so that you can connect it with a USB cable and also connect the printer to your desired network. When you have finished the installation you can disconnect the USB cable and move the printer to your desired place. The ink system of the printer is also different but in a good way. Apart from the usual cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges the printer also included two black inks with matte black for text and photo black for photos. The other or sixth cartridge is the clear ink cartridge.

Belkin F1UP001 wireless print server

March 27th, 2009

Belkin F1UP001 is the product of Belkin corporations and is basically a print server. It is an impressive and handsome device which offers a consistent as well as wireless performance. This print server can function as far as 160 feet and offers a great working range. Belkin F1UP001 has two USB ports and it all comes at a very nice price which makes it a great purchase. All the print servers in the market generally have only one USB port so you are at advantage by buying the all new Belkin F1UP001 since it comes with dual USB ports. It allows you to connect as well as share with two other printers. Belkin F1UP001 comes with an integrated wire Ethernet port which helps you to wire the printer directly with a network while you are using the port. The wireless facility of the server will be disabled automatically.

The setup process of Belkin F1UP001 is a little bit sophisticated and there are too many steps as compared other products out in the market. Installation Wizard of Belkin F1UP001 will instruct you to connect with the printer which is attached to all computers which are sharing it. Then, you will have to install the manufacture driver before continuing with the Wizard installation. The wizard will then direct you to setup a redirector for the Belkin port. Lastly, you will have to run another program which you will find on the installation CD which will search for the print server and will launch a management interface which is web based. Overall if you look at Belkin F1UP001 then it is a great choice and comes at a very decent price. The product works efficiently and you can get all your printing done easy and fast. The tech support is said to be inadequate but it is up to the user and on a general basis it offers good and adequate technical support. Belkin F1UP001 has a print compatibility list which offers the compatibility of the print server with other computers. Some claim that the list is outdated and offers very limited options. Belkin F1UP001 communicates with other print servers and you can get your printing done efficiently.

The main highlight of the Belkin F1UP001 print server is that it offers a consistent performance and offers great range for its wireless network. It can run for long durations and offer great durability to the user which is a strong point of Belkin F1UP001. It is one of the best models out in the market and is a great purchase for anyone. It is a good choice even though other models like Hawking HWPS12UG also comes in the same price range. The fact that you can connect two USB is a huge advantage as other products in the market come with a single USB port. Even though Belkin F1UP001 has some drawbacks like an obsolete compatibility list you can have great print utilities and good technical support. If you are looking for a print server at a good price, then you can go for the Belkin F1UP001 which is good value for money.

Compaq Presario SR5610F from HP

March 27th, 2009

The all new HP Compaq Presario SR5610F is a part of the previous Presario SR series of budget PC of HP. Similar to other SR series models the 5610F is also a no frills model and comes as an affordable PC. The system is capable of handling basic daily computing tasks like archiving CDs, web browsing, standard office productivity and e-mailing can makes a perfect student computer. However with regards to its low price tag, HP seems to not offer you more from this PC when compared to eMachines, Dell and Lenovo.

The Compaq Presario SR5610F however remains unchanged when compared to the previous SR5130NX model. It comes designed with the traditional Compaq designs with silver case in black trimming. It comes bundled with a standard black keyboard and an included ball mouse. However the good thing is that the system offers you desired performance. The SR5610F system included a dual core AMD Athlon X2 4400+ processor that runs at 2.3 GHz. Although it does not offer the desired performance found in Intel Core 2 Duo processor like Dell Inspiron 530, but is more than capable to track general tasks like web surfing, e-mailing and it also integrates NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics which is basically designed for casual gaming. The system offers you 320GB of hard drive space which is sufficient enough to store media files and archive music. You can use any one of the two USB ports to transfer media files to the system as it does not include a card reader. However the included dual layer DVD RW drive can also play media files and data back up files.

HP also offers expansion options with this SR5610F system. Although there are not SATA ports available it comes with an IDE that can accommodate a additional drive. It also included two PCI slots which are perfect to add applications like FireWire and also a PCIe slot which is useful to give the system a little 3D gaming skill. HP has also included a single PCIe slot which is occupied by the 56K modem including an available slot that lets you expand the entire system memory. However the best thing is that the system is pleasingly loaded with bloatware which are free ads and trials which outbreak budget systems. Ti comes with a 60 day trial with Microsoft Student and Office Home along with a disposable trial of Internet software like Juno, MSN dial-up and NetZero.

When the Presario SR5610F was tested the performance was almost identical to that of eMachines T5274 and Lenovo IdeaCentre K210. The system managed to complete the WME or windows media encoder test in about a minute and 29 seconds and took 1:01 time to complete the Photoshop CS3 test. However overall the SR5610F offering from HP would not really disappoint but rather excite. It makes a perfect and capable home system for just about $500 along with standard expansion options which makes it the right student PC. You can even get more for the same price unless you are stuck in getting Compaq as you can even check some other similar priced and performance oriented systems.

Hewlett-Packard HP 91

March 27th, 2009

Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a performance similar to the Pentium 4 workstation and also offers future support for an operating system of 64 bit along with additional applications. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is fully integrated PCI express as well as DDR2. If you don’t wish to pay any extra amount for new technology, then Hewlett-Packard HP 91 will be a good purchase. It is a better choice over the Pentium 4 class workstation. The new Hewlett-Packard HP 91 has been built around a fast clocked processor Pentium 4. It has a system which will support the extensions of Intel 64- bit which is called the FM64T. In order to operate Hewlett-Packard HP 91 you should have an operating system of 64 bit and some applications. For the Windows, EM64T offers an additional advantage. You can also get Linux packages like SUSE, Red Hat, and Mandrake etc which will support your applications.

925X express chipset will offer numerous key benefits like the PCI express as well as integrated RAID which could be configured to Level 1 (mirroring) and Level 0 (striping) and a combination of the two. The test unit will cost you around $200 and you will get a configuration of xw4100 along with SCSI RAID and 3.4 GHz processor. You don’t have to pay any extra cash for this new technology. The total storage on this type of configuration will be a little low. You can consider adding a 3rd hard drive into the system for added storage capacity. In the test of Multimedia Content Creation Winstone, xw4200 outperformed the 3.4 GHz xw4100 by a margin of 16 percent. It also had a small premium of about 12.5 percent in the processing speed. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 also offers 3D graphics as well as CPU rendering performance. If striped, then the RAID disks and the PCI express graphics will excel. You can test this by creating a video project or by adding pictures into the picture streams until its preview falls behind into real time. It comes in eight streams compared to the six of xw4100. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers great performance boost for graphics as well as disk intensive graphics.

You don’t require any special tools for opening it. You can convert the display from landscape mode to portrait mode easily. It is very useful when you are working with long documents or even models. The Hewlett-Packard HP 91 handles many different types of applications making it a great equipment. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is a great buy and it offers a little better performance compared to the workstation of Pentium 4. It also comes at a similar price range of Pentium 4. It uses all kinds of PCI express peripherals once they are available. It will be very compelling for any Pentium 4 buyer to go for a Hewlett-Packard HP 91 but it is assured that you will get an equal or better service. Overall the Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a great package and you won’t be disappointed with the service it offers. It has a similar package to that of Pentium 4.

ASUS N50VN-B1B laptop

March 21st, 2009

The all new ASUS N50Vn-B1B is specifically designed as an all in all desktop replacement device which can be your next home PC. For instance, in case you use it to edit your family videos and photos or even run various applications to manage finances of your household, the 15 inch widescreen of the system offers you a fast processing parts for the multi-taskers. Additionally your children can also use it to play newest 3D games and even enjoy high quality movies through the excellent NVIDIA graphics card.

The new N50Vn-B1B from ASUS comes in glossy brown finish but it does not exactly burst with colour. This system is probably the last thing you might find in an office or a living room. It includes contemporary designs which are similar to HP HDX16t through which subtle patterns are embedded below its hard laminate. Regarding its weight the system is around 6.7 pounds which means that it is neither mainly heavy nor it makes an ideal portable device.

The 15.4 inch screen of the laptop is designed in the traditional 16:10 widescreen format giving it a great look. The traditional format of ASUS N50Vn-B1B does not give it less screen space compared to its competitors. The system has good viewable 1,440 by 900 screen resolution which is sufficient for most of the demanding multi-taskers. The ASUS N50Vn-B1B also accommodates an excellent full size keyboard and the best thing is that it also has the numeric keypad which is great for number crunchers. However the numeric keypad is only half the size compared to a normal one to preserve the comfort level and responsiveness of the keyboard.

The features of ASUS N50Vn-B1B laptop can easily satisfy any home PC user. It includes 3 USB ports which spread along the sides of the laptop. There is the FireWire port for all compatible storage devices and an impressive 320 GB hard drive which is above the average regarding capacity for a home user. In case you need some more drive space then there is an eSATA port to offer external storage is located at the front bezel. The system is also equipped with HDMI port and is much similar to Acer, Dell Studio and HP laptops. The system enables streaming of videos and photos to a bigger display like your LCD TV. The ASUS N50Vn-B1B is also designed with a standard webcam with fingerprint reader found designed between mouse buttons.

However even though the ASUS N50Vn-B1B is not a faster processor that is available, the 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor is both energy efficient and speedy. You should know that anything faster would basically compromise with battery life. Boasting a midrange processor with an outstanding 4 GB of memory actually helped N50Vn-B1B to overtake Dell Studio XPS laptop by nearly five seconds over video encoding test. The only thing that makes this ASUS N50Vn-B1B a perfect family PC is that it perfectly combines the finest performance parts with tons of features which are all includes an affordable price.

DEll Studio XPS16 review

March 21st, 2009

The all new Studio XPS line of systems from Dell comes with a great level of prestige acting as an advanced segment for those who seek style and luxury. The new Dell Studio XPS 16 centers just that and succeeds the XPS M1530 as the new media center of Dell. As most of the manufacturers are designing the same processors and marketing their 4 GB memory with Home theatre feature and large screens, Dell has also decided to raise their bar through the new Dell studio XPS line of systems. Design has been their greatest differentiator as they use not just one but several hottest techniques in manufacturing their systems. Professionals and photographer can reap the RGB LED widescreen benefits along with the 1080p resolution without having to pay much for the system. This means that the XPS 16 has become the new Editors’ Choice in the media center category.

The lid of Dell Studio XPS 16 is obviously its main attraction which takes its signs from trendsetters like from the aluminum Apple MacBook Pro, the Leather Clad system from ASUS, the polished exteriors of HP HDX16t and it also mixes a bit from all these laptops in an elegant manner to give an exotic look. Its one part is aluminum accent, one part black leather trimming and two parts with lacquered top. With the In-Mold Decoration process, the lacquered part would surely impress any customer.

The Dell Studio XPS 16 is just about 6.9 pounds which means it not a perfect companion for travelers but is much portable compared to Gateway MC7803u. It is heavier because it uses a huge 85-Wh battery, opposed to the 56-Wh in HP system and it has its own six cell option that can bring down the weight to around 6.5 pounds. The Dell Studio XPS 16 comes with a large 16 inch widescreen and adding to the weight is the edge to edge glass screen. Additionally Dell is also promoting a slight turn to the screen of XPS 16 by calling it RGB LED screen. According to Dell this screen offers 100 percent of colour gamut when used in Adobe RGB space. This also means that movies and pictures look more vibrant on this screen.

The keyboard of Dell Studio XPS 16 is a removal from the pervious XPS M1530 model and the keys attach each other on the surface raising them to the same level. Additionally this new keyboard layout also allowed Dell to accommodate LEDs. The mouse buttons are also pleasing to use which also benefit from the LED features. The feature set of Dell Studio XPS 16 is possibly the best you might have come across in media center laptop. Although the HDX16t offers you an HDMI port and TV tuner the Studio XPS 16 offers you both the DisplayPort and HDMI technology. It includes a Blu-ray drive which doubles a CD and as DVD burner. There are also standards ports included which comprise of 3 USB ports, VGA out and FireWire Port and a USB port even doubles as eSATA port to offer additional storage.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700 for Professional Photographers

March 21st, 2009

The all new Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is truly monstrous which looks like not striking a chord with latest fashion photographers but actually some unheard of in built features are thing that make it stand apart. For instance the pantone colour sensor eliminates the need to carry additional colour calibration device while the Wacom digitizer which is traditionally a part of the screen is perfectly placed on the pal rest area. Additionally an option for 10 inch secondary display also slides out from behind the primary one. These features along with the in built Intel Qquad Ccore technology have together earned great ratings for a performance based laptop.

Even though the 9 pound weight of Lenovo ThinkPad W700 and the yawn inducing black attire might not have the flashiness of an elegant machine there is a reason why it requires some more style as it is mainly intended as a professional workstation system. The dimensions of ThinkPad W700 are a bit larger than its previous models but they let W700 to accommodate the large screen and the entire cool in built technology. There had been workstations designed which place more importance on style but are shade lighter like the Sony VAIO VGN-AW190 and Dell Precision, but the W700 includes some great features as well.

Most of the professional photographers generally prefer larger displays and the 17 inch widescreen of Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is big enough to keep them relied on the system. However the W700 uses the standard 16:10 format that offers content creators enough space at the bottom and top of the screen and also creates the letterbox effect when watching movies. The 1,920 by 1,200 resolution of the system is the highest a 17 inch widescreen can go and it is also the best professional device you might want. Additionally the colour reliability and its contrast ration are both enhanced on the screen which is different from other laptops. The company claims that the screen has the ability to show 72 percent of Adobe RGB colour gamut while other laptops show only 45 percent. The best thing is that its screen avoids glare which is also the most expected feature.

People who are familiar with pantone colour calibrator might know the hassle of using the awkward peripheral as external attachment. Therefore the company has done a resourceful job by integrating its 3 sensor in the new W700 laptop. It is positioned on the palm rest where the sensor is barely noticeable but the results of building it are endless. Some of its other features include 5 USB port, a fingerprint reader ad a webcam. Its magnificent keyboard and dual pointing devices the touchpad and pointing stick are exactly similar as those on Lenovo ThinkPad T400. As W700 is a large system its keyboard also includes a numeric keypad. There is also the dual layer DVD burner which can also be upgraded to a Blu-ray burner and added performance. Overall the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is a mobile workstation that is specifically made for professional photographers which comes with tons of great features to suit professional needs.

LG 47LG90 review

March 20th, 2009

After LEDs were being used in TVs it actually benefited the environment by reducing the use of toxic chemicals like mercury and also improving efficiency. Therefore the all new 47 inch LG 47LG90 is the first LCD TV from LG to feature a backlight system that consists of a range of LEDs and the outstanding picture result from this has proved to the best so for from the company. The LED based LCD TV are typically more costlier compared to the fluorescent drives ones but this TV set is also the best budget deal you can find around.

Being alighted on a half moon shape swivel table stand the new 47LG90 is designed with a glossy black frame to match with its rubberized blue material thin strip that accents on its outer edge. The touch sensitive on-display controls of the TV are entrenched in the blue material and it is probably less fingerprint magnet compared to those on the glossy face of Samsung LED TV. You will find the power indicator light locator fixed at the bottom right hand corner of the face of TV which is pleasantly passive and the strip of blue tinted acrylic cut along the bottom edge of the set offers it’s a stylish look.

The LG 47LG90 is well equipped with the typical rear and side input panel layout and it offers a total of 4 HDMI inputs which include RF input, VGA and two component video inputs. Being very usual among HDTVs the audio outputs of 47LG90 include both coaxicalcoaxial and optical digital connections. The rarer still was actually the ability of the TV to pass 5.1 Dolby digital audio from all the connected sources to the compatible A/V receiver. Apart from this the 47LG90 TV is also designed with a serial control port which you can use with home theatre automation products and there is also the side mounted USB port whci hiswhich is compatible with several flash storage devices that include JPEG and MPp3 multimedia files.

The LG 47LG90 is mainly configured for home viewing environment and the picture setup of the set can default to the super bright Vivid preset that adds white outlines to objects and artifacts related to elevated sharpness levels. The standard presets of the TV prove much better for daytime watching which reduced ringing artifacts while also maintains sufficient brightness. Similar to other HDTVs the CinimaCinema preset of LG 47LG90 however came close to matching the detail and colour standards that are used in HD video productions even though its measured colour outputs were slightly oversaturated when compared with a nearly perfect result given by LED lit Samsung TV.

The HD video examinations which include the viewing of satellite video material and Blu-ray were remarkably detailed but with a few disturbing artifacts. The motion performance of LG 47LG90 was among the very best you might have come across in 120 Hz LCD techynologytechnology as the TV almost matched the performance of Samsung A950 with detail scanning enhancing backlight features enabled although the LG 47LG90 TV lacked a few its features.

HP Mini 1000 Mi review

March 20th, 2009

With the aim to offer seamless and user friendly Linux experience, HP launched their new Mi edition with the HP Mini 1000 as the first model. The latest HP Mini 1000 Mi is the same stunning notebook that you came across last year offering you an environment which is familiar and comfortable for longtime windows users.  It is much similar to their previous HP Mini 1000 and it boasts the same spectacular glossy black chassis with gray spins imprinted on the lid through in mold decorations. The HP Mini 1000 Mi measures around 0.9 by 6.6 by 10.3 inches whereas other 10 inch laptops have also achieved a chose dimension but only a few are thick less than an inch. It weights just about 2.5 pounds which makes it easily portable.

The glass screen of Mini Mi is flush and is designed with black borders which have become much common among classy notebooks. Its screen resolution is 1,024 by 576 which is a bit shorter for a standard 10 inch notebook. The speakers of the system are elegantly built in its hinge which his yet another excellent design solution that was introduced in its early version. The 92 percent keyboard of the laptop would surely need you to get familiar but it is still a welcome improvement over their previous 89 percent keyboard on notebooks like Acer Aspire One and Lenovo IdeaPad S10. However, this model from HP still has the annoying mouse buttons adjoining the touchpad which makes it a bit difficult to navigate with one finger. The touchpad on the other hand lets you select by tapping twice which is another latent workaround. You will find a touchpad above the touchpad through which you can disable both the mouse and pad buttons and it actually comes handy sometimes, especially when you are used to hitting mouse buttons accidentally.

The HP Mini 1000 Mi is designed with 2 USB ports, a microphone and headphone jack, VGA out and a 4 in 1 card reader i.e. MS Pro, MS, MMC and SD. The system comes packed with 1 GB of system memory and is sufficient enough to run the Linux operating system. Regarding your connectivity the system includes a wireless-g card along with Bluetooth features. The front of the chassis which includes a button that lets you toggle it off and one. The laptop can offer you a generous two hour and fifteen minutes from its 26-wh lithium ion, three cell battery.

The HP Mini 1000 Mi is also loaded with the same 4,200 rpm, 60 GB drive like that in the previous Mini 1000 system. It is also worth exploring this unique Linux built system for the Mi edition as HP mainly focuses on eliminating the intimidating factor of the Linux operating system. Overall the HP Mini 1000 Mi is a bit costly but you can benefit from a size cell batter along with the latest Atom processor. Although there are other manufacturers offering similar deals the Mini Mi is still one of the best and lightest netbooks that you might have come across.