3D home projector from ViewSonic

3D is poised to become the next big thing in home entertainment and movies.  Keeping up with the trend, ViewSonic announced the new 3D ready PJD6220-3D home projector at CES in early January. This projector has been designed using the native XGA resolution that has the ability to accept HD video input to nearly 1080i and computer input to nearly SXGA+. The projector is rated at 2200 ANSI lumens with contrast ratio of 2500:1.

According to ViewSonic spokesperson, the PJD6220-3D projector shares most of the features with their other PJD6220 but with one addition. The JD6220-3D has the 3D feature, much similar to the Texas Instruments 3D DLP engine. The other great and perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the PJD6220-3D projector is its affordable price.

The fact that the PJD6220 is priced reasonably makes it an ideal purchase for the movie buff. This projector gives clear and sharp image displays in any type of environment. The projector has been designed using technology that produces more clarity of images and enhances the vibrancy of colors.  However it essentially works the same way as the 3D technology used in IMAX theaters and in the vie theaters that have 3D capable projectors. It is believed that there are some 1,500 theaters in the US alone that have 3D DLP digital projectors. In order to create stereoscopic or ED images the right and left eye should see slightly different images from different viewpoints. Today the most common approach that is used by ViewSonic projector is to combine alternating images for the right and left eye with glasses built around the LCD shutters. These glasses allow for synchronization with the projector so that either of the eyes would see only the images that are meant for it. This synchronization is basically maintained by either using infrared light produced by additional hardware near the screen or by pluses of light over the screen that is produced by the projector.

The two video frames provided with the ViewSonic PJD6220 3D projector for image synchronization ‘meet’ at the projector in succession. Thereafter, the 3D engine divides them both into a checkerboard pattern giving them a four-framed appearance. The ViewSonic projector weighs only 6.6 pounds and thus, comes with the added advantage of portability. This projector can easily be mounted n tables or ceilings thus making it most suitable for corporate a well as classroom environments. The projector has been enabled with RJ- 45 remote network control. Apart from the 3D ready feature the PJD6220 3D projector from ViewSonic also offers stereo audio with 10-watt output quality and 1.1 to 1 optical zoom. Perhaps the most unique feature of the ViewSonic is that it has close captioning that makes it usable for those with hearing impairments. The PJD6220 is expected to be shipped in the month of February 2009.

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