Lexmark printer C910dn

Lexmark C910dn has until today been the most costly printer which is almost 50 percent more compared to the second expensive model. However what you receive from this high price is the lowest cost per colour page since claimed and also a lot heavier duty handling capabilities when studied with both the primary unit and the options available. The Lexmark C910dn has the standard paper capacity of about 1,200 sheets which is nearly twice more than other colour printers. It comes with a maximum input capacity of nearly 5,300 sheets and it also includes an additional finisher which offers features like hole-punching, stapling and offset-stacking. In case you need a huge level of paper handling capabilities then odds are right that you would print enough for a lower cost per page to make a huge difference. This means that you might save nearly 1 cent over per colour paper and if you would be printing around 6,000 colour a month then you can save nearly $720 a year.

There is also an additional physical setup but you might probably not have to handle the 237 pound device. The included IPP setup, network setup and administrative tools are almost the same like the monochrome Lexmark T620dn but are considerably less automated than any Xerox or HP tools. It is up to you to get its IP address and enter the numbers and also decide whether you need to install Lexmark ports along with the driver installation or install them later from the driver properties option.

The Lexmark C910dn falls second regarding its speed tests in colour printers as it was around 5 ppm less than its higher speed mode. This printer took around 10.7 ppm on the tests which was much closer to that of HP colour LaserJet which is rated at around 21 ppm and is clocked at nearly 10.1 on average. However the print quality of Lexmark C910dn ranged average on the tests but the pictures or photos delivered from the device seemed very film quality while the text also seemed easily readable. Regarding its graphics the colours were rightfully saturated and were brilliant. You will face no problems with its registration like those in some previous LED engines. This device can be placed third among all the colour printers which are available as the tests showed some scatter and background problems but the output delivered was an outstanding solid area uniformity as there was a measure of difference in its overall amount of toner used for the solid areas.

However, the bottom line is that the Lexmark C910dn itself makes a classis device. if you might not be printing much pages to take advantages from this heavy duty paper capacity and from its cost per paper savings then there is no reason you should opt for it. However if you have a lot of printing requirements then the aforementioned two mentioned features are perfectly combined to offer you an great looking output with acceptable performance which is just good enough to justify its high price.

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