Samsung LN46A850 HGTV

The manufacturers are currently looking to have great depths in their upcoming premium panels and the all new Samsung LN46A850 which in 1.9 inches is the thinnest HDTV of the company. Additionally the colours of LN46A850 are brilliantly accurate, its reproduction of high and standard definition sources is admirably detailed and its video black inky dark. This new HDTV from Samsung comes packed with some useful extras which means it offers great support in network streaming of your multimedia content, but the best thing is that it is attractive and comes as a affordably prices thin cabinet television.

The Samsung LN46A850 boasts of a glossy black frame, which surrounds its screen that is designed with a subtle reddish amber with outer edges. When you compare this unit with other Samsung HDTV series like A750 the screen frame is actually narrowed by one third and it measures around 2 inches wide and 3 inches wide from the bottom. The swivel action table stand of LN46A850 is perfectly constructed from a rectangular shaped sheet comprising of tempered glass that complements the TV frame. The Samsung LN46A850 comes with two elegantly designed remote controls. One is the main remote control which has an identical design to the fully backlit and updated like that of A950 series and the other is a mini remote nearly palm size which includes volume, channel and power controls in a simple arrangement making it easier for children and guest to use.

The A/V ports on this LN46A850 include 4 HDMI ports along with VGA, two component video inputs and RF input for antenna use. Additionally it also has a digital audio output which operates with almost any connected source. However the multimedia audio output is only available when you use the integrated DTV tuner of the TV and all the other sources are only limited to just stereo output. There is also a USB port on the left side which can easily read JPEG and MP3 files. The Ethernet port at the back of the TV allows local access to your compliant server devices that contain pictures, audio and video files. A windows based computer can also utilize the provided Samsung PC share manager software to access multimedia content from a network connection.

There is a Just Scan picture setting in the LN46A850 which is mapped around every 1080i/p video pixel which is perfect for the 1080p resolution. Apart form this the pre adjusted movie picture preset of the LN46A850 actually produced a colour response which was almost a perfect match compared to the standards used in HD video production. As the Samsung LN46A850 uses an outstanding calibrated picture settings it offers an impressive picture contrast of nearly 3,487:1 which is one of the best results you might have come across. Although the power consumption has steadily declined the estimated operating cost of LN46A850 which is around $3.7 a month with its default picture setup is fairly good when compared to the similar $5.18 a month of Sony KDL-46Z4100.

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