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Z5 from Logitech

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

It is actually very uncommon to find a pair of $100 PC speakers which sound good as there are much less which offer useful and advanced features. However the Z-5 PC speakers form Logitech challenges expectations by offering not just outstanding quality audio for the price of $99.99 but also includes a software and a special remote control combo which can control music library with just a simple setup. Benefiting from quality sounds for this price range can actually be enough but is also includes some extras.

The Logitech Z-5 is a stereo computer speaker system which is powered through one of the USB ports of your computer. These two speakers measure around 9.8 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches, which stand tall and slim on your desktop. They are designed to look sharp but the cloth grills which cover the drivers cannot be removed which can attract smudges and dust quite easily. There is a cable which connects the one speaker to the USB port and then connects to the other but there is also an extension cable offered if you need to have the speakers far apart. Additionally the right speaker also comes designed with an 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect your MP3 players or some other sound devices and it also includes a white LED to indicate power.

Although the small 3.5 x 1.2 x 0.3 inch frame the included remote control is actually very useful which also comes with a software that can easily configure the speakers to control the music library. The few buttons included on the remote control are volume, power, track backward and forward buttons and a keen button which immediately starts up your preferred music software when pressed like your windows media player of Apple iTunes. After you have completed the easy setup and installation process the play and skip buttons of the remote control would start navigating through and easily select your music with nearly no lag time. Additionally powering these speakers would also open the music library of your choice automatically if you wish to. The Logitech Z-5 is a simple and incredibly useful features system which most speakers with higher price tag might include.

However, this entire set is rather not very powerful as it can draw about 2 watts of power through the USB connection but they are loud enough for a typical office use. The range of frequency starts from 70 Hz which means that there is no subwoofer included. However to make up for this, the Z-5 offers excellent audio performance although its inability of handling louder music at higher volumes. The company has placed their drivers on the back and front panels of the speaker system which means that the sound is delivered towards the listener and also in the opposite direction. This feature helps in creating a spread out stereo image without depending on the 3-D imaging effects. Therefore this property provides another great touch to the affordable pair of computer speakers that offer you more value and great benefits.

How to Choose a Mouse for Your Computer

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

All the computer users can easily identify their mouse and its importance for daily computer operation. Computer mouse is nothing new and also not very complex, but an average user might not be familiar with all the technologies and options that go with these small devices. This technology guide will offer you some tips on finding and purchasing some of the best mice available and suitable for your computer.

Computer Mouse Technologies

Mechanical mouse – the first to be used on a computer were these mechanical mice which are still found for sale despite the developments in tracking technologies. These mechanical mice include a hard ball below them which rolls when moved and this roller translates the physical motion to the pointer on the screen. There are some these mice balls are more advanced which replace the internal roller with their optical sensor but function the same way. The mechanical mice require regular maintenance for the ball to roll free of lint. It also recommended that you use a mouse pad as they will provide a clean surface to work on and also provide resistance for the ball to smoothly roll.

Optical Mouse

The optical mice replaced this ball or roller assembly in the mechanical mice through the beam of light and optical sensor. This light beam shines down the surface under the mouse and the sensor uses this light to track the movement. There are images included for this optical mouse which provide a glimpse under the mouse where the sensor and light can be seen. These mice hold great advantages as there are not parts to break or cause problems. There is also reduced need to maintenance as the bottom does not have any opening to collect lint and so they would make a great computer mouse over mechanical mouse.

Laser Mouse

Laser is the latest and the best technology in computer mouse tracking which takes the advantages of optical mouse to a higher level. Several attributes of this laser mouse have been explained in the optical mouse section. However unlike the wide light beam this mouse uses a very narrow laser light beam. The Logitech MX1000 laser mouse for instance would be the perfect mouse for you as according to the company the laser technology that is used provides more than $quot;20x sensitivity to the surface detail or the tracking power.

Wireless Connection Technologies

Radio frequency is one of the most common types in this wireless mouse that uses radio frequencies to communication motion to the receiver which is connected to the PC. This common wireless mouse operates using the 237MHz frequency and the mouse is powered through AAA batteries which are not provided. As the price goes up for the RF wireless mouse the package would basically include integrated rechargeable batteries. Some other features include greater precision, extended range and the receiver does double the work as the batter charger. Therefore keeping all these different types of computer mice and the features included you can choose a computer mouse according to your needs and budget.