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Compaq Presario SR5610F from HP

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The all new HP Compaq Presario SR5610F is a part of the previous Presario SR series of budget PC of HP. Similar to other SR series models the 5610F is also a no frills model and comes as an affordable PC. The system is capable of handling basic daily computing tasks like archiving CDs, web browsing, standard office productivity and e-mailing can makes a perfect student computer. However with regards to its low price tag, HP seems to not offer you more from this PC when compared to eMachines, Dell and Lenovo.

The Compaq Presario SR5610F however remains unchanged when compared to the previous SR5130NX model. It comes designed with the traditional Compaq designs with silver case in black trimming. It comes bundled with a standard black keyboard and an included ball mouse. However the good thing is that the system offers you desired performance. The SR5610F system included a dual core AMD Athlon X2 4400+ processor that runs at 2.3 GHz. Although it does not offer the desired performance found in Intel Core 2 Duo processor like Dell Inspiron 530, but is more than capable to track general tasks like web surfing, e-mailing and it also integrates NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics which is basically designed for casual gaming. The system offers you 320GB of hard drive space which is sufficient enough to store media files and archive music. You can use any one of the two USB ports to transfer media files to the system as it does not include a card reader. However the included dual layer DVD RW drive can also play media files and data back up files.

HP also offers expansion options with this SR5610F system. Although there are not SATA ports available it comes with an IDE that can accommodate a additional drive. It also included two PCI slots which are perfect to add applications like FireWire and also a PCIe slot which is useful to give the system a little 3D gaming skill. HP has also included a single PCIe slot which is occupied by the 56K modem including an available slot that lets you expand the entire system memory. However the best thing is that the system is pleasingly loaded with bloatware which are free ads and trials which outbreak budget systems. Ti comes with a 60 day trial with Microsoft Student and Office Home along with a disposable trial of Internet software like Juno, MSN dial-up and NetZero.

When the Presario SR5610F was tested the performance was almost identical to that of eMachines T5274 and Lenovo IdeaCentre K210. The system managed to complete the WME or windows media encoder test in about a minute and 29 seconds and took 1:01 time to complete the Photoshop CS3 test. However overall the SR5610F offering from HP would not really disappoint but rather excite. It makes a perfect and capable home system for just about $500 along with standard expansion options which makes it the right student PC. You can even get more for the same price unless you are stuck in getting Compaq as you can even check some other similar priced and performance oriented systems.

Hewlett-Packard HP 91

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a performance similar to the Pentium 4 workstation and also offers future support for an operating system of 64 bit along with additional applications. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is fully integrated PCI express as well as DDR2. If you don’t wish to pay any extra amount for new technology, then Hewlett-Packard HP 91 will be a good purchase. It is a better choice over the Pentium 4 class workstation. The new Hewlett-Packard HP 91 has been built around a fast clocked processor Pentium 4. It has a system which will support the extensions of Intel 64- bit which is called the FM64T. In order to operate Hewlett-Packard HP 91 you should have an operating system of 64 bit and some applications. For the Windows, EM64T offers an additional advantage. You can also get Linux packages like SUSE, Red Hat, and Mandrake etc which will support your applications.

925X express chipset will offer numerous key benefits like the PCI express as well as integrated RAID which could be configured to Level 1 (mirroring) and Level 0 (striping) and a combination of the two. The test unit will cost you around $200 and you will get a configuration of xw4100 along with SCSI RAID and 3.4 GHz processor. You don’t have to pay any extra cash for this new technology. The total storage on this type of configuration will be a little low. You can consider adding a 3rd hard drive into the system for added storage capacity. In the test of Multimedia Content Creation Winstone, xw4200 outperformed the 3.4 GHz xw4100 by a margin of 16 percent. It also had a small premium of about 12.5 percent in the processing speed. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 also offers 3D graphics as well as CPU rendering performance. If striped, then the RAID disks and the PCI express graphics will excel. You can test this by creating a video project or by adding pictures into the picture streams until its preview falls behind into real time. It comes in eight streams compared to the six of xw4100. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers great performance boost for graphics as well as disk intensive graphics.

You don’t require any special tools for opening it. You can convert the display from landscape mode to portrait mode easily. It is very useful when you are working with long documents or even models. The Hewlett-Packard HP 91 handles many different types of applications making it a great equipment. Hewlett-Packard HP 91 is a great buy and it offers a little better performance compared to the workstation of Pentium 4. It also comes at a similar price range of Pentium 4. It uses all kinds of PCI express peripherals once they are available. It will be very compelling for any Pentium 4 buyer to go for a Hewlett-Packard HP 91 but it is assured that you will get an equal or better service. Overall the Hewlett-Packard HP 91 offers a great package and you won’t be disappointed with the service it offers. It has a similar package to that of Pentium 4.

HP MediaSmart Server EX487

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Ever since the first mention of Encore, there has been much conjecture about what the next generation of MediaSmart server would be like. Some of the most commonly requested feature improvements by the MediaSmart community we hardware upgrade including improved and advanced media sharing options, Media center-like functionality, better Mac integration and capacity for more internal hard drives. Therefore, designed with much effort you have the new HP MediaSmart Server EX487 and EX485 which although do not meet all your requirements these new MediaSmart servers have been an excellent step forward into the Home Server platform which again reaffirm that HP is still the leading way for Home Server vendors.

The HP MediaSmart Server EX487 and EX485 had been reviewed by professionals for both their beta and final production versions and they are almost identical to each other in all aspects. The specifications of EX487 are much like their original EX475 but there are a few notable differences made with switch to 2 GB Intel Platform and increase of its HDD size to 750GB.

  • 2GB DDR2 memory
  • Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz 64-bit processor
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports (3 back and 1 front)
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet
  • 1 SATA 7200 RPM, 750 GB hard disk drive in EX485
  • 1 eSATA rear port
  • 2 SATA 7200 RPM, 1.5TB (2 x 750GB) hard disk drives in EX487
  • One year limited warranty
  • Approximately 5.5″(W) x 9.8″(H) x 9.2″(D) and approx 14 cm (W) x 25 cm (H) x 23 cm (D).

Additionally, there are a number of new features included in the HP MediaSmart Server EX487 which can meet all your server requirements. The EX487 server includes Media Collector to aggregate content from the client computer to this server. There is also a simplified photo sharing tool which included integration with Facebook, Snapfish, Picasa web albums and Flickr. There is also an Updated Twonky media streamer which offers you remote media streaming. Additionally, you will also using the newly added Amazon S3 integration as your online backup source. Among these features is also the Apple Mac integration that includes the control center along wit the Time Machine backup drive solution.

Additionally there are also several other features in the EX487 server which have largely remained the same from their previous EX470 but are worth mentioning to display the entire value proposition of their new Media Smart EX487 server. Some of the features you had been previously enjoying and are not upgraded much are iTunes streaming offered by Firefly Media Server, the server recovery DVD in order to restore the server in case of system disc failure or some other corruption of the operating system and the Dynamic DNS services offered by TZO. Apart form this most of the standard windows home server features like the integrated computer backup with remote access to files and also computers which support remote desktop with folder duplication to offer data in case of hard driver failure is still the same. You also have the extensible add-inn architecture that supports 3rd part developers.

NVIDIA enhances graphics performance on notebooks

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

NVIDIA had a look on increasing popularity of ‘netbooks’ and drew the conclusion that something is missing- quality of visual performance demanded by users within the developed market. Hence, graphics chip-makers got set to have worked on constructing the Ion hardware platform with respect to tiny form-factor desktops and notebooks constructed on Atom processors of Intel. Moreover, early returns have suggested that such a thing can be one of the category killers.

ChannelWeb saw ‘Ion’ in action at NVIDIA’s headquarters on 15th of December, 2008. Its platform comprises of a motherboard (atom-based), paired with GeForce 9400 onboard graphics processor, complete CUDA support, and ridiculous quantity of I/O.

Team of NVIDIA demonstrated Ion within an ultra-small ‘desktop reference design’. This Ion is better known as ‘nettop’. However, platform has also been built for ‘mobile PCs’. The small desktop that was seen fitted in palm (of one hand). Moreover, it was just a ‘mess’ of ports. It wasn’t the slimmest-looking device. However, it was handy, as far as showing off graphics support was concerned and acceleration that was built by NVIDIA in to Ion.

NVIDIA went on to run the demo for making the product look better. However, results of neck-to-neck competition between standard netbook (atom-based) and Ion nettop with GMA 950 integrated graphics of Intel were spectacular. NVIDIA moved ahead with having fired up ‘Call of Duty 4′ without even a hitch; while Intel netbook went on to struggle to even have booted ‘visually rich’ PC game. Ion system also boasted of better video playback; thanks to ‘full-spec’ 1080p badaboom and HD video support, GPU-tapping ‘video Transco ding accelerator (from Elemental Technologies).

NVIDIA, already having its ‘GeForce 9400 GPUs’ within recent line of ‘Apple MacBooks’, has said that it has expected Ion-based netbooks to be priced at around $50 greater than present systems based on GMA 950. For extra cash, sixteen ‘graphics processing cores’ can be obtained by users, which deliver fifty-two Gflops of ‘processing power’, which seems to be a compelling story, at least from the perspective of the reviewers.

ChannelWeb has been quite bearish with regards to netbooks, in spite of hype and hooplah created about these products. That is basically due to the fact that it is being heard from retailers, resellers, and OEMs about extremely large numbers of ‘netbooks’ that’re being returned by purchasers, especially in markets of North America.

As said by sources, reason behind returns is that the users within mature markets might get fascinated by promise and price of notebooks, and might get completely disappointed with shortcomings of the same while getting them back home. Graphics shortcomings are the largest ones amongst factors of disappointment. These days, users, business travelers and commuters in particular wish to have quality playback on computing devices operating at the primary level.

As an outcome, makers of netbooks have, in certain cases, gone ahead with the amendment of their wild-eyed, earlier promotions of novel category. For instance- HP now markets HP mini-Note PCs in the form of complementary device of computing (not the primary one).

HP Pavilion DV5 Laptop

Friday, December 5th, 2008

The latest HP pavilion DV5 laptop is truly one of the best deals one can make, when it comes to design and durability. This laptop has features such as 250 GB hard drive and 4 GB memory. It even has a screen size of 15.4 inches and operates on 64-bit Windows Vista Premium. Even though its performance is purely average, the DV5 HP pavilion laptop has attractive design which makes it one of the best budget system one has seen in recent times. This HP pavilion laptop is an entertainment notebook which has a white backlit emblem and an imprint 2 design which is pleasing to your eyes however what really set’s this laptop different from others is its piano black display and the complete chrome keyboard.

Its 15.4 inches screen display possess 1,280 by 800 resolution and normally uses  a bright view coating for providing wide angle for viewing and vivid colors. Besides that, it even possesses 1.3 mega-pixels of built-in webcam. Compared to screen display of other laptops, this screen display does imitate ambient brightness however not till the point to get distracted. Also, the included Altec speakers were perfectly cut and placed above the low-powered speakers which were found in most of the low budget systems. Due to the lack of capacity of reproducing profound bass tones, these speakers can handle higher volume without any alteration. The full size silver keyboard blends perfectly with the rest on the deck and is comfortable to use as even the mouse buttons and the touch pad.

Below the deck you have the strip which contains sensitive control buttons, a power switch and a volume slider. This latest HP DV% pavilion laptop even comes with a durable remote control, an express card slot and a windows media center. This laptop offers additional connectivity ports compared to the other budget notebooks which have expensive mainstream systems. Moreover, you can even get four USB ports along with one HDMI output and one external SATA port to connect high speed devices. The five card reader slot and the expansion port connectors are located to the left of the system and the DVD burner along with the light-scribe technology is located to the right of the system.

Its 250 GB hard drive also provides sufficient space for storing plenty of data for your projects. This laptop also comes with a configured 2GHz Core 2 processor, an integrated Intel 4500MHD graphic solution and a 2 GB memory. Since its performance result is lots more from the other budget notebooks, what would you expect from a budget notebook like HP DV5 laptop? However, it was seen that the media encoding score of this laptop was around 7 minutes and 45 seconds which was more than enough for a laptop to offer better performance. Compared to this the Lenovo SL500 laptop score was around 5 minutes and 5 seconds while the Fujitsu A1110 laptop scored just 5 minutes. This means that HP DV5 laptop is better than the other budget notebooks.  This HP DV5 will not win over you with killer speeds however it is surely the most featured budget notebook that is available in the market.

HP Launches Tablet PC with Touchscreen Technology

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

HP has finally launched its most awaited TouchSmart tx3 multi-touch capable tablet PC on 19th of November, which is also the first multi-touch tablet PC in the market. Multi-touch capability and touch screen are the selected hot technologies of the industry for 2009 and device manufacturers are scrambling to slot in this fingertip technology in their for factors where the price would range from sub $100 cell phone to the latest $1,200 tablet PC.

Experience the TouchSmart tx2

The TouchSmart tx2 tablet PC is a flappable designe which can be configured as either a notebook or a tablet PC. It is packed with a rechargeable digital ink pen to let handwriting and sketching directly on the screen and comes with multi-touch support through the custom MediaSmart software suite of HP. Several people have used this MediaSmart before who were totally impressed with it. This actually says something about the user’s level of expectations regarding the OEM software. This OEM customized crapware will not crash the machine but would do much benefit. However there might be a slight caveat as Windows Vista does not include this integrated touchscreen technology and so the degree and the functionality of touchscreen support might vary according to the application. There is not issue if you already have a suit of software to be used as just buying this laptop will not magically enable the multi-touch or touchscreen for all applications.

TouchSmart tx2 Performance

Several questions have been raised regarding performance and speed of this tablet. One reason why most of the tablets failed miserable a few years ago is because the OEMs were not able to provide attractive performance and price ration. Additionally most often the systems were either usable or unaffordable or affordable but barely usable. Luckily things have changed now for HP. There was a research conducted on two laptops of HP the HP dv5v and TouchSmart tx2, where both were build with the AMD processor. It was found that both the systems were minimally spec’d. However when both were compared for their functionality, TouchSmart tx2 stands on its name. You will find the unavoidable multi-touch tablet tax available but before you read over the specs of TouchSmart tx2 you will not feel any sinking sensation when asked to strike a bargain between desired functionality and acceptable level of performance. This states the significant achievement of HP and the configuration of TouchSmart tx2 options are more limited than the HP dv5z but this is just one best thing it can do is to play Blu-ray movies.

Currently there is an incredible among of interest for this multi-touch functionality. The iPod touch and iPhone have this and Android powered G1 also supports it unofficially and now Microsoft has also confirmed that their windows 7 would include this multi-touch functionality. However in the long run you will also expect to see several tablet PCs including multi-touch displays and multi-touch trackpads widely adopted or incorporated but this timetable might significantly be longer than you might have thought it to be.