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Gateway E4100-C review

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Most of the giant operations might not be pleased with it, but the mainstream operation line from Gateway the E-4100 is surely an excellent option for small to medium sized business firms. It is packed with 6.3 LANDesk Client Manger that proves to a great help in monitoring E-4100-C systems and easily update small files. This included 6.3 LANDesk client Manager does not organize entire applications or images remotely while the other management packages that were review do for a fee. The Gateway E-4100 model also uses the same software image and it can also be easily repaired and upgraded.

The Gateway E-4100-C is one among the three corporate lines of Gateway you already came across. However like the MPC, gateway also has just two PC models in every line while the other companies include around three to four options. There is also the E-2100 line which includes low cost systems and the E-6100 line that features machines that have greatest and latest hardware, whereas the E-4100-C is the mainstream line of the company which delivers midlevel hardware at affordable price. Although there are no possibilities of using the same software image for three lines, you might also not face any problems using the same image within every line. Additionally the three families also shared the same driver set which lets you use the same drivers for all the three lines. Apart form the difference in size the mini tower versions and small form factor of E-4100-C have similar Intel motherboard.

However Gateway has guaranteed that every system would be available for nearly 12 months but the fact is that the mainstream system E-4100-C would remain in the market for much longer time. After the end of 12 month life cycle the mainstream lines of Gateway are typically converted to low cost lines. Each Gateway corporate PC is packed with its own supplement of 6.3 LANDisk Client Manager software which allows you locally account and monitor the system. However if you wish to remotely manage the system then you can just pay around $49 extra to avail a copy of Client Manager Administrator that is able to query machines from anywhere in the network.

Although the Client Manager is not as powerful as the Management suites of IBM and Dell, but it does well in its functions and it can be all what you needed. For instance, as other competitive tools are generally a bit difficult to learn, the web based interface of Client Manager is remarkably intuitive. Even the beginner computer users might not have much trouble operating this system hardware. The inventory resource or details are extremely detailed and the Client Manage can tell you clearly which memory slot is filled and one that is not. The software can also tell you the IRQs which are already taken. Additionally there is a wide range of method to monitor the system as you can check the voltages and for high temperature or even receive alerts when systems have failed a certain amount of memory or disk space.

Gateway FHD2401 LCD monitor

Friday, February 13th, 2009

The Gateway FHD2401 is clearly designed with multimedia and gaming in mind with its bright 24 inch LCD that offers wide scale colour technology with a fast pixel response time and picture-in-picture and HD viewing capabilities. Although the display is mainly targeted at multimedia and gamers the business users would also appreciate its capabilities to display small text.

The Gateway FHD2401 is designed with an excellent black cabinet including some glossy black bezel on the sides with some stunning brushed aluminum panel at the bottom. Its 1,920 by 1,200 screen is designed by solver rectangular stand which provides backward and forward tilt positioning, but it’s only adjustability. There are touch sensitive menu and power buttons towards the right hand bezel and they are both illuminated by blue backlighting. When touched the menu light would activate an extra set of buttons which let you navigate the on screen menus. The menu settings also let you choose from the seven themes which provide you optimized colour temperature settings for some specific applications like movie, games, web, cool, warm, web, pictures and user defined.

The picture-in-picture feature when activated lets you view content from a secondary input source like from Blu-ray player or TV tuner box in a separate window. You can even toggle between the three input sources where you can adjust scaling properties and image sharpness. The monitor comes with Portrait display with EzTuner software through which you can manually make image adjustments through your mouse and keyboard. The EzTuner also includes a user friendly colour calibration tool that helps achieve finest colour reproduction.

At the back of the monitor are VGA, DVI and HDMI connectors but this is all what you can get in connectivity options. The Gateway FHD2401 monitor also does not include integrated speakers but there are options to attach DTSS-2410 speaker bar to the bottom bezel. The best thing is that the monitor offers 2 millisecond pixel respond as it was able to display 3D games and videos without any noticeable smearing. Although most of the users found it a bit dark with light grays when playing game these flaws don’t seem to affect the colour quality. The panel uses wide gamut technology to display around 92 percent of NTSC colour spectrum offering bright and bold colours which also appear uniformed throughout the scale. Additionally small text quality was also fine as the font 4.3 seemed petty clear and readable.

Gateway also claims there are 160 degree viewing angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes, but most of the users found colour shifting at nearly 150 degrees when viewing from both sides. However when you connect the Gateway FHD2401 to a cable box through HMDI to watch videos or play games in high definition you will surely be impressed with its overall image clarity and its colour quality. Therefore if wide viewing angles and grayscale accuracy are the key factors you need in a monitor then the Gateway FHD2401 is the perfect 24 inch monitor you can find.