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Dell Studio XPS 435 desktop PC

Friday, April 10th, 2009

It seems that Dell is trying out new snazzier designs for their new desktop computers. Their new Dell Studio XPS 435 along with the 22 inch widescreen monitors turns absolutely away from the silver and black boxes of their previous Inspiron and XPS models. Apart from its new fresh exterior the Dell Studio XPS 435 also has an impressive Core i7 powered interior. The XPS 435 perfectly combines its power at the digital content creation and the high end computing with the touch of 3D gaming prowess.

The Dell Studio XPS 435 is somewhat tilted backwards. According to Dell this system has been designed keeping in mind user convenience as the power button, media card slots, four USB ports, recessed media tray and the optical drives are all angled up so that they can be easily reached while sitting on the desk. The system includes bright white side cases similar to those in early Apple products but the front is glossy and translucent black. However the border merging these two is shown off by a brilliant crimson orange color. There is a recessed media tray on the top of the system which is designed to rest your digital camera, MP3 player and external hard drive when it is connected to any one of the top mounted USB ports.

The Dell Studio XPS 435 benefits a power user system as the unit is designed with Intel Core i7-920 processor along with 6 GB of DDR3 SDRAM. Additionally you can even configure the system with nearly a whopping 24GB of memory with Core i7-965 or i7-940 Extreme Edition processor. The already included Intel Core i7-920 is a compact quad core processor featuring Hyper Threading and so it would theoretically work on eight streams of data at one time making it suitable for multimedia tasks. The review system features 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card offering it the ability to play the latest 3D games like World in Conflict and Crisis.

The XPS 435 system is powered by 475 watt power supply which is sufficient power for the quad core CPU and the single high powered graphics card. However even though this Dell XPS 435 is not much expandable like the XPS 730x the system still provides space for additional hardware which is a lot more than the average mini tower desktop. The system is designed with two free PCie x1 card slots including one free PCIe x8 slot with space for nearly three more hard drives and for an optical drive. The PCIe/PCI car retention bar designed by Dell is very interesting making it easy to move if you need to add another card and still holds the card securely. However the best thing is that performance offered by this system is really good. It lets you play Crysis and World in Conflict at nearly 1,280 by 1,024 resolutions. Additionally the multimedia speed is also satisfying which yields a quick 36 second time for Windows Media Encoder test and the system is also very quick on the new Photoshop CS4 test, completing it within one minute and 12 seconds.

DEll Studio XPS16 review

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The all new Studio XPS line of systems from Dell comes with a great level of prestige acting as an advanced segment for those who seek style and luxury. The new Dell Studio XPS 16 centers just that and succeeds the XPS M1530 as the new media center of Dell. As most of the manufacturers are designing the same processors and marketing their 4 GB memory with Home theatre feature and large screens, Dell has also decided to raise their bar through the new Dell studio XPS line of systems. Design has been their greatest differentiator as they use not just one but several hottest techniques in manufacturing their systems. Professionals and photographer can reap the RGB LED widescreen benefits along with the 1080p resolution without having to pay much for the system. This means that the XPS 16 has become the new Editors’ Choice in the media center category.

The lid of Dell Studio XPS 16 is obviously its main attraction which takes its signs from trendsetters like from the aluminum Apple MacBook Pro, the Leather Clad system from ASUS, the polished exteriors of HP HDX16t and it also mixes a bit from all these laptops in an elegant manner to give an exotic look. Its one part is aluminum accent, one part black leather trimming and two parts with lacquered top. With the In-Mold Decoration process, the lacquered part would surely impress any customer.

The Dell Studio XPS 16 is just about 6.9 pounds which means it not a perfect companion for travelers but is much portable compared to Gateway MC7803u. It is heavier because it uses a huge 85-Wh battery, opposed to the 56-Wh in HP system and it has its own six cell option that can bring down the weight to around 6.5 pounds. The Dell Studio XPS 16 comes with a large 16 inch widescreen and adding to the weight is the edge to edge glass screen. Additionally Dell is also promoting a slight turn to the screen of XPS 16 by calling it RGB LED screen. According to Dell this screen offers 100 percent of colour gamut when used in Adobe RGB space. This also means that movies and pictures look more vibrant on this screen.

The keyboard of Dell Studio XPS 16 is a removal from the pervious XPS M1530 model and the keys attach each other on the surface raising them to the same level. Additionally this new keyboard layout also allowed Dell to accommodate LEDs. The mouse buttons are also pleasing to use which also benefit from the LED features. The feature set of Dell Studio XPS 16 is possibly the best you might have come across in media center laptop. Although the HDX16t offers you an HDMI port and TV tuner the Studio XPS 16 offers you both the DisplayPort and HDMI technology. It includes a Blu-ray drive which doubles a CD and as DVD burner. There are also standards ports included which comprise of 3 USB ports, VGA out and FireWire Port and a USB port even doubles as eSATA port to offer additional storage.

Dell Latitude E4300

Friday, February 27th, 2009

The business ultraportable laptops are valued for what they are designed to offer. These laptops are priced at premium rates while expecting to meet the significant criterion. Durability is one of the main objectives as business travels can often accelerate wear and tear. You might not just want battery life of several hours as a business ultraportable laptop should run all day whether with single or multiple batteries. Additionally future proofed parts with ample of connectivity features are also equally significant. The Dell Latitude E4300 has assumed to take a place among best or business laptops undertaking down paths which are unique in the Latitude line until today. This means that, it includes a 12 inch widescreen with illuminated keyboards and colour options are some parts of its arsenal.

The Dell Latitude E4300 is available in three different colours, red, black and blue which are a great welcome addition to the new generate of casually dressed business executives and professionals. However, regarding its durability, you can easily compare it with 2530p because of the lid that guards the laptop against scratches which is also backed by magnesium alloy skeleton. It is rugged enough to withstand vibrations and shocks without even receiving a military certification. Regarding its interiors the keyboard and palm rest area is pitch black. Although it feels like plastic, the material used for the palm rest is pleasant and smooth to work. The keyboard of E4300 is full size and is extremely responsive. There are also LEDs underneath which are the best part of the keyboards. However the only negative aspect with the typing experience is the stiff pointing stick, but you can use the touchpad.

Its 13 inch widescreen is the first addition in Latitude line that strikes a perfect balance with its lightweight. The screen offers you 1,280 by 800 resolutions and it is a great pick for this size of screen. However regarding features of E4300, they are not much different from the 2530p. it come with an in build dual layer DVD burner which is much better when compared to other external solutions. It also includes two USB ports which are meager for the 13 inch laptop and especially when there is not specialty port like Display Port and HDMI technology. Similar to the 2530p the Dell Latitude E4300 also comes with FireWire port including mind-numbing section in the hard drives.

According to all the business ultra portables, staying connected is very important and so the E4300 is designed with the latest Intel Wi-Fi chip with Bluetooth features. Additionally the in built cellular modem can also be bundled with different services providers like Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. performance is also as important as its battery life which E4300 has learnt from Lenovo X200 and Sony Z290. The Intel Core 2 Duo SP9400, 2.4 GHz processor would offer you speed benefits while it also runs cool enough to extend the battery life. It is loaded with 2GB of memory which is currently the latest while it is also upgradeable to 8GB.

Gateway E4100-C review

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Most of the giant operations might not be pleased with it, but the mainstream operation line from Gateway the E-4100 is surely an excellent option for small to medium sized business firms. It is packed with 6.3 LANDesk Client Manger that proves to a great help in monitoring E-4100-C systems and easily update small files. This included 6.3 LANDesk client Manager does not organize entire applications or images remotely while the other management packages that were review do for a fee. The Gateway E-4100 model also uses the same software image and it can also be easily repaired and upgraded.

The Gateway E-4100-C is one among the three corporate lines of Gateway you already came across. However like the MPC, gateway also has just two PC models in every line while the other companies include around three to four options. There is also the E-2100 line which includes low cost systems and the E-6100 line that features machines that have greatest and latest hardware, whereas the E-4100-C is the mainstream line of the company which delivers midlevel hardware at affordable price. Although there are no possibilities of using the same software image for three lines, you might also not face any problems using the same image within every line. Additionally the three families also shared the same driver set which lets you use the same drivers for all the three lines. Apart form the difference in size the mini tower versions and small form factor of E-4100-C have similar Intel motherboard.

However Gateway has guaranteed that every system would be available for nearly 12 months but the fact is that the mainstream system E-4100-C would remain in the market for much longer time. After the end of 12 month life cycle the mainstream lines of Gateway are typically converted to low cost lines. Each Gateway corporate PC is packed with its own supplement of 6.3 LANDisk Client Manager software which allows you locally account and monitor the system. However if you wish to remotely manage the system then you can just pay around $49 extra to avail a copy of Client Manager Administrator that is able to query machines from anywhere in the network.

Although the Client Manager is not as powerful as the Management suites of IBM and Dell, but it does well in its functions and it can be all what you needed. For instance, as other competitive tools are generally a bit difficult to learn, the web based interface of Client Manager is remarkably intuitive. Even the beginner computer users might not have much trouble operating this system hardware. The inventory resource or details are extremely detailed and the Client Manage can tell you clearly which memory slot is filled and one that is not. The software can also tell you the IRQs which are already taken. Additionally there is a wide range of method to monitor the system as you can check the voltages and for high temperature or even receive alerts when systems have failed a certain amount of memory or disk space.

Low cost “netbooks” to cope with the economy

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Call it ‘getting small to acquire big’, but expected declines in sales of personal computer and of, course, an extremely weak economy have almost every major PC maker hunting for streamlined, low-cost laptops- most commonly called ‘netbooks’- as one of the ways of reviving the market, from the futuristic point of view.

The ‘netbook’ goes on to take concept of ‘notebook PC’ to a level smaller than ever before. A netbook conventionally consists of a screen which has width of < 10 inches (diagonally), does not carry optical drive, and happens to run on Atom processor of Microsoft Corp. Most of the laptops employ either Windows XP OS or one of the versions of ‘open-source, Linux-based software’. The weight of one laptop is around 3 pounds. Some of them might weigh less as well.

With regards to consumer, though, actual allure is likely to come from price tag. This is due to the fact that several notebooks begin with price as less as $349. Moreover, makers of PC are very well aware of the reality that low prices can open up an entirely new market amongst buyers who might be holding back with regards to buying a computer, as far as present economic climate is concerned.

As per John New, a ‘global product marketing manager’ associated with Dell Inc., the theory of PC is tried to be re-conceived. As per his opinion, with novel form factors and price points, there’s a lot of appeal to netbook, particularly when parents look at buying a personal computer for children. Dell went on to have launched its 1st notebook, i.e. the 9-inch ‘Inspiron Mini’, on 4th of September. Economical feasibility is the basic reason behind Dell entering the market. As per experts, with notebooks, prices have gone down. However, these products aren’t designed for competing at price points. However, netbooks are designed for reaching some price levels, that too, from initial conception.

Apart from Apple Inc., every major PC Company has now entered the market of netbooks. Asus’ Eee PC launched last year was hugely seen as one of the catalysts for this sector. As per search carried out by NPD Group’s Display, < 1 mn netbooks had been sold all over the world in the year 2007. However, this figure has been expected to increase to > 14 mn by end of 2008.

The above-mentioned numbers are much similar to the other predictions. It has been estimated that sales of netbooks would cross 35 mn units by the year 2012, when segment would account for almost 1/3rd of total sales of laptops. The fact that netbooks go on to represent a novel category in PC market cannot be ignored. Moreover, the promoters have betted that several users would trade off certain computing power to obtain a small form-factor, along with an extremely low price. IDC, one amongst the technology research firms, also went on to raise its outlook with regards to mini-PCs off late.