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Canon PIXMA MX7600 printer

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Canon has come up with their best all in one printer for the offices called the Canon PIXMA MX7600 printer. However there are questions rose that does calling it an office printer make it the same, but Canon’s marketing potential have answered it yes. Therefore if you want to find out what exactly highlights this printer then they are its photos and graphics performance. The PIXMA MX7600 is basically an AIO printer which might not fit for the dual task of home and office printer.

This MX7600 functions as a standalone copier and fax machine and has the ability to fax, scan and print. The device can also scan to email according to the email program of your computer. Some of its office specific features apart from faxing are the in built duplexer to print on both sides of a page with duplexing ADF or automatic document feeder of nearly 35 pages, it can scan two sided pages and it can also easily connect to the network. Additionally some of its photocentric features are that it can print from PictBridge camera or from a memory card and it includes an excellent 1.8 inch colour LCD to preview images before printing.

Similar to other AIOs and Canon printers this MX7600 also offers a pair of paper trays. However unlike most this printer does not let you fill both the trays with the same quantity of papers. When you set the driver for plain paper the device would persist on using only a 150 sheet front tray. Again, if you set if for photo paper and the device would want to use the back tray, which is suitable for 10 letter sized photo sheets. However the office users would find its capacity of 150 sheets insufficient. However for the office and home users this 150 sheets capacity would last long enough. Additionally there are two trays which let you keep both loaded with photo and plain paper which means you don’t have to swap the papers when you switch between printing photos and documents.

Additionally this PIXMA MX7600 inkjet printer is relatively big compared to other AIOs with similar price range as it measures 10.1 x 19.7 by 21 inches which means you cannot share your desk with it. It is also a bit heavy but 36.6 pounds is still light enough for a person to move it around the office. However unlike other network setup programs the programs of Canon require you to place this printer near the system during installation so that you can connect it with a USB cable and also connect the printer to your desired network. When you have finished the installation you can disconnect the USB cable and move the printer to your desired place. The ink system of the printer is also different but in a good way. Apart from the usual cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges the printer also included two black inks with matte black for text and photo black for photos. The other or sixth cartridge is the clear ink cartridge.

Cannon imageClass MF4370

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

The all new Cannon imageClass MF4370dn is one of the latest generations of reasonably priced monochrome laser all in one (AIO) printer. The small size, low price and its light weights makes it a perfect personal all in one printer to fit any office size. The best thing is that the printer features the new network connector feature and also the ability to scan, print and fax through the network. This means that it can serve perfectly even as a shared printer for small and large offices. Even better, the printer offers high quality output especially for text along with fast speed that makes it a greeting choice in almost any environment.


Apart form scanning, faxing and printing through the network the new Canon imageClass MF4379dn also works as the standalone fax and copier machine. However, the all in one device lacks the ability to scan through the email but you it is designed with the PageManager version 7.15 through which you can easily scan your documents and also send them to your email program easily as you just have to click and drag.

Some of the office friendly features of this all in one printer include fax multi-page document easily, copy and 35 sheet ADF or automatic doc7ument feeder to scan and it can also scan legal size documents. The ADF scan feature however scans just the single side of the page but there is also the duplexer feature that prints on both the sides and the copies also provides an option to print double sided copies just from the single sided originals which you can activate by just pressing the button at the front panel.

However a small requirement of this personal AIO printer is that it must be small to comfortably fit the office desk without taking over the desktop. This Canon imageClass MF4370dn weights nearly about 27.6 pounds which means a person can easily move it. Setting up the AIO printer to the network is entirely standard as you just have to find a perfect spot for it to load the toner cartridge and the paper then to connect the power cord and cables and finally you can run the automated installation process from the provided disc.

The Cannon imageClass MF4370dn printer was also tested on the Windows XP operating system and according to Canon the printer is packed with all the drivers including the entire set of programs that might be required for Vista, Windows 2000 and for Windows Server 2003. additionally you can also download the fax and printer drivers from the website of Canon for Mac 10.2.8 and the later versions and can also download scan drivers for 3.9 and later versions. As mentioned, Cannon imageClass MF4370dn printer is truly fast as canon rates the printer engine at nearly 23 pages per minute. Additionally the AIO printer also stands out when it comes to printing quality text, whereas in case of photo and graphics quality they both are for monochrome laser and this printer shows good results.

Canon Pixma MX7600 Printer Review

Friday, November 28th, 2008

If you consider the high price tag of Canon Pixma MX7600 printer which is a colour inkjet multifunction device you will surely want an outstanding performance from it, and so it does. The printer slots in multiple features like vivid output and fast performance that makes it a great device for home offices and small businesses.

When being tested, Canon Pixma MX7600 printer printed black text at an above average rate which is nearly 9.8 pages per minute on a plain paper. The printer was also fast in generating graphics which managed 3.7 ppm rate, like for instance; it printed a small photo on a plain paper. The quality that you receive is constantly high regardless of the type of paper you are using like colour images or plain paper text print. The copies of the text will also closely resemble the original text. However the scan of photos and text seemed a bit fuzzy but you will get accurate results. The OfficeJet Pro L7680 of HP might be a bit faster but the output quality of it is not quite good.

The bulk of Canon Pixma MX7600 printer includes tones of exciting features. It offers two input trays among them is the 150 sheet cassette to be used only for plain paper which slides into the bottom of the device and also a rear vertical feeder which can hold about 20 pieces of picture paper including envelopes and other type of media. The other 50 sheet output tray of the printer flips out in front. There is an automatic duplexer that projects from the back of the device. Above there is the scanner that features 35 sheet automatic document feeders and it can scan two sided documents in just a single pass.

Canon Pixma MX7600 printer’s control panel includes an initially has a number of buttons with a small nearly 1.8 inch tiltable colour LCD but they function quite well together. You just have to press any one of the four primary function buttons which are for memory card, scan, fax and copy and the LCD based menus will show just the equivalent options. All the buttons have clear labels but the settings and Menu buttons seem quiet similar.

The cost oriented ink system of Canon Pixma MX7600 printer includes a permanent printhead and there are separate tanks for yellow, magenta, cyan and black ink. Every tank would cost around $15 and they even differ in yield from nearly 570 black pages to 1070 yellow pages or nearly up to 2.6 cents every colour per page. The other fifth ink which is a clear coating which sprays over the images that are printed on a plain paper would cost you about $18 but would last nearly 1600 pages.

Your money is definitely worth the capable and speedy Canon Pixma MX7600 printer. The better than average rating of Canon in the recent service and reliability survey will give you can idea about its excellent functionality as this Canon Pixma MX7600 printer proves to be a perfect device for home use and for small business owners.